We are not a cost factor,
but profit earners.

From the start, during the tendering phase, we offer excellent service. Only perfect preparation provides good results. On the basis of a project analysis we examine all operational factors – and depending on the size of the project and the wish of the customer we carry out mould-flow studies. If there are any weak points, we will inform you about the critical issues, draw your attention to complications and immediately submit our proposals for optimisation. We are very conscious of our important role and bear the full responsibility for the entire technical control.

This is a service with a crucial competitive advantage: It helps to avoid fundamental errors and loss of time, as well as trouble and hidden costs. We do not decide according to file audits – we try to understand. Each client and each project is unique. We get to know your working methods and explore the specific features of your production. Thus we are always able to find precise answers to challenging questions.